LEEP Consulting has partnered with other practitioners who are also dedicated to developing leaders, communities and workplaces that support race and gender justice.

Blackwell Consulting

As the founder of Blackwell Consulting, Sam Blackwell (he/they) works with individuals, teams, and organizations to help find out where equity and justice can show up in your life and work. Their goal is for folks to see themselves and their power in dismantling systems of oppression in themselves, the places they live, and the places they work.

Listen to Lead

Founder, Sara Wernick Schonwald (she/her) works and plays at the intersection of justice, healing, somatics, and organizational development. As a consultant, she support individuals, teams and organizations to dismantle white supremacy from within themselves, their interactions and their policies + practices.

Routine Maintenance

Founder, Levi Weinhagen (he/him) values justice, kindness, and creativity. A focus on justice tells him that we can and should close gaps that hurt us and the people we care about. A focus on kindness guides him in holding onto the truth without using shame as a driver for change. And creativity is how he remembers that there are always multiple ways to move towards goals.